“I have been exceptionally happy with all the work Sovento has undertaken as part of our transformation.

From aligning the entire division around roles and job description to transforming the physical workspace, it has been an amazing success story. Google hold ITV as being their leading example of Technology Transformation, Apple rate us as a “top 5” in terms of workplace and CIO connect call us the “office of the future”, this would not have been possible without the help of Sovento.

As we have transformed our people and our workplace they has provided us with the thought, focus and attention to detail that created success.

Many thanks for all the hard work.”



“I can only tell you this is an amazing piece of work, which will be extremely valuable. Great stuff.”

Director, Liberty Media


“Working through complex change management, such as integration after a merger or re-structure and work to a result… I can’t recommend Sovento highly enough.”

Director, BBC


“The Sovento team listens to your needs, works with you, inputs ideas and delivers outcomes in a successful and constructive style, ensuring results.”

Director, ITV


“We worked closely on a large complex project for a key customer. Sovento showed a high degree of integrity and expertise in navigating the politics of a complex demanding customer.”

Director, Siemens


“…professional, reliable, diligent and very supportive in the approach to both the end customer and fellow colleagues within the organisation. A breadth of knowledge within the business environment, extremely adaptable when dealing with challenging situations which are frequently experienced in large global projects,

…an astute ability to navigate through both political and challenging situations which when managing large scale projects is an great asset.”

Director, BG-Group